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Turi has years of experience acting as a consultant


Turi regularly advises on television programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Netflix, Discovery Channel etc. Television programmes she has advised on include Who Do You Think You Are? Vikings, Gatwick Baby: Abandoned at Birth, Dead Famous DNA, History 101, and Treasures of the British Museum, among others.

Do You Have a Family Mystery of Your Own?

Turi has helped many people find answers to family mysteries. She is currently overwhelmed with requests but if you’d like advice, contact Turi.

Journalists and Authors

Turi has helped a number of journalists with news pieces around a number of subjects. These include forensic genealogy, genetic ancestry testing, genetics for health and fitness  as well as on-the-spot news pieces and helping authors with the factual components of their books. These have included Patricia Cornwell, David McKie and Edward Glover. She recently helped journalist Steve Boggan with an article on forensic genealogy.

Legal Cases

Turi advises and acts as an expert witness for court cases including inheritance and forensic cases.


Turi has acted as an advisor and/or organizer on a number events and exhibitions including:

British Science Week 2018 – University of Leicester Transcript

British Science Week is a national event which celebrates all things Science,

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and I’ve been organising the University of Leicester’s contribution, with things like Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, through to events like Science in the Shopping Centre.

But also looking at science from a slightly different angle by having artists come and work with scientists and then having an exhibition of their work in the city. Science is so important because it has the ability to change the world. Pretty much everything you do today will have been impacted by science in some way and what’s really important is to enthuse the public about science, but also to encourage students and young people to go into science because they are the scientists of the future

Richard III At The Royal Society Summer Exhibition – University of Leicester Transcript

The team behind the scientific detective work that identified Richard III, has been chosen to display their findings at a prestigious exhibition. Well scientists from Leicester University used the latest technology to confirm the remains found beneath the car park in the city, were that of the king. The department has been chosen to display their work at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition in London. Dr Turi King used DNA to identify King Richard who was killed in battle 500 years ago. Well she joined us and I asked her how significant this exhibition was.

Oh well obviously incredibly exciting, I mean the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, a perfect exhibition to talk to the public about bringing science to the public, so yes very exciting, very prestigious event. Now for those of us who are unaware of the Summer Science the Exhibition tell us a little bit about it and the sort of people you will actually be able to reach?

Well it’s a week-long exhibition that goes on at the Royal Society every year people apply to be able to have an exhibit there and they choose a selection of those and basically what you do is you bring your science to the public, so the Richard III project has been fantastic, so obviously combines Genetics with Forensic Science, Archaeological Science, Osteology, really great multidisciplinary project, perfect opportunity to bring the science to the public, you get to speak to schoolchildren, general public, families, so we’ve got lots of sort of interactive events and things going on to explain the project to people who are interested in it.

Well talking of people being interested in it this is the story isn’t that gives and gives King Richard III, what do you think is that appeal? Well I think it’s, I mean it’s just this amazing mystery story, it’s a missing person’s case, a historical missing person’s case. Richard missing for over 500 years, the project goes ahead, it’s been this really wonderful project that’s involved the Richard III Society, the University of Leicester, City Council, lots of different groups all involved and it’s just been really amazing, it’s just solving this 500 year old mystery.

Now I know we’ve got two very warm temperatures expected this week tell me about the people who are actually going to be in costume because it may be a little bit uncomfortable. It will be we have this lovely chap Andy Hyam who’s a reenactor, he’s come with his armour and replicas of medieval weapons, so people can see the sort of weaponry that would have been used in that particular period and poor chap he’s in his armour for sort of 15 minutes at the time and then we have to get him out again so he doesn’t get heat stroke because it’s just supposed to be so hot over the next week.

Well we certainly wish you all the best with the exhibition and just very briefly what are your future plans then? Well I’m currently working on the whole genome sequencing of Richard III and I’m hoping to get that wrapped up by the end of the year. Okay well Dr Turi King thank you very much and all the best for this exhibition. Thank you very much. And the genome sequencing which we looked up because we…. Of course I just knew it actually Sam had to look it up. Yeah I looked it up yeah and it’s all about his genetic makeup basically and whether he’s predisposed to diseases and things like that, so far they’ve been able to tell that he had blue eyes and fair hair, and it’s 500 years ago, it is actually incredible it all joking aside.

Vikings: Live From The British Museum Transcript

For 300 years their sails were feared across four continents. They traded, raided, explored and settled. Their gods, their warriors and their eye for beauty defined an age and now they are back, at a major British Museum exhibition.

This is what a warrior’s sword would have looked like new, petrifying and fatally beautiful. Just look at that, beautifully crafted pin. The world of their imagination was teeming with god’s, monsters, wonders. For the first time in 30 years we’re bringing the Vikings back.

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