Turi King with skull


Turi regularly advises on television programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Netflix, Discovery Channel etc. Television programmes she has advised on include Who Do You Think You Are? Vikings, Gatwick Baby: Abandoned at Birth, Dead Famous DNA, History 101, and Treasures of the British Museum, among others.

Journalists and Authors

Turi has helped a number of journalists with news pieces around a number of subjects. These include forensic genealogy, genetic ancestry testing, genetics for health and fitness  as well as on-the-spot news pieces and helping authors with the factual components of their books. These have included Patricia Cornwell, David McKie and Edward Glover. She recently helped journalist Steve Boggan with an article on forensic genealogy.

Legal Cases

Turi advises and acts as an expert witness for court cases including inheritance and forensic cases.


Turi has acted as an advisor and/or organizer on a number events and exhibitions including:

University of Leicester’s British Science Week

Galway Science and Technology Festival, Galway, Ireland 2017

Science Museum, London, Richard III Exhibition, 2015

Royal Society Summer Exhibition (London) – Richard III

Contributor and advisor on The British Museum “Vikings: Life and Legend” exhibition 2014

Contributor and advisor on the Richard III Visitor Centre

Worked with the New Walk Museum, Leicester on their Inside DNA exhibition November 2012

Contributor and advisor on The Wellcome Trust “Identity” exhibition