Turi has given hundreds of public lectures and won awards for her public engagement work. In 2019 Turi guest-presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in Japan, stepping in for Alice Roberts. She regularly gives keynote talks at science festivals, talks in schools both in the UK and abroad (Hong Kong, India, U.S., Canada), a TEDx talk and has spoken at a Congressional Breakfast on Capitol Hill.

turi king speaking genetics society

She has gained much recognition and won numerous awards for her public speaking and the ability to communicate complex science to the public. She has been awarded the Queen’s Lecture by the British Council, the Genetics Society’s prestigious JBS Haldane lecture and an Archaeological Institute of America Joukowsky Lectureship which is for given to distinguished archaeologists worldwide and entailed a lecture tour of the U.S. She was awarded the 50th Anniversary Wade Lecture and the Irving K Barber Lecture.